Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Month 6: Starting to move

We are 6 months old!! We have been eating solid food for about a month now and we love it!! Caitlyn's favorite is Sweet Potatoes, Ashton and Brittany love just about anything. I started mixing a little bit of cereal in with the fruit since they really love to eat the fruits. They eat 5oz of baby food with cereal almost 3 times a week.

At their 6 month check up this month, everything was right on track. They are gaining weight and growing great. The doctor was very pleased with what they were able to do at this age, considering they were born 2 months early! She told us that they weren't behind developmentally at all! That made us feel good because we work with them so much at home to get them where they need to be. Kevin works so great with them trying to get them to sit up and getting strength in their arms and upper bodies!

After our lunch time feeding, we go down for our afternoon nap. We usually sleep 2-3 hours in the afternoon. Since Caitlyn was always rolling over, we stopped swaddling her at 5 months. By the time Ashton and Brittany were 6 months, we finally got them to stop using the swaddles. Brittany took a little while longer to adjust to not being swaddled than it took Ashton. We are now using the Sleep Sacks so their arms are still out and they can move them.

The babies have started to scoot around while they are playing on their tummies. I think it's just a matter of time that they will be crawling around. We have started to baby proof the house and put things away that are low that they could possibly reach and grab.

I'm pretty sure they are getting ready to teethe. They are drooling a lot and aways chewing on something. We tried to introduce the teething ring to them, but they didn't want it. Ashton loves to chew on his taggie blanket. He loves to chew on tags! I did finally get Ashton to start chewing on his teething ring last week!

We bought a Jumperoo for the babies to start playing with. Ashton LOVED playing in it. When we took him out to put Brittany in, he cried! He wanted to keep playing and not let anyone else play in it. We had him in their one night while we were eating dinner and it was very quiet in the living room. We went in there and this is what we saw...
Little man was passed out in the Jumperoo!! So far, all of them have fell asleep in it! I don't think that is the purpose of it! But as Kevin says... he exercises like his father!

We had our first Valentine's Day as a family. We went to Olive Garden for dinner. Olive Garden was the last meal we had before the babies came home and it was first meal we had as a family alone. I had the babies dressed up in their Valentine's outfits and we had them sitting at the table with us. It was perfect!

We turn 7 months at the end of this month!!!  I keep asking Kevin, if there is no 29th of in this month, how do we know when they turn 7 months. He just says, well, I guess they don't turn 7 months until March! Haha!! Yeah right!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Month 5: Starting Solids

We started feeding the babies baby food!! We started them with Apples and Carrots and they loved them!! Ashton absolutely loved the Apples. You couldn't feed him fast enough with them. It was a long process to feed them because I would do it around lunch time so it was just me and they were just learning how to eat baby food.

Caitlyn started to consistently roll over from her back to her stomach. When we would put her down to sleep at night, in the morning she would be on her stomach. At the time we were swaddling them, but somehow she would always get her arms out. Since she was always rolling over, we stopped swaddling her.

They love to play in their Bumbos. Most of the time Ashton gets fussy and the girls will sit and laugh at him. It's cute to see the expressions on their faces when he is crying. We will sit them in a circle so they can see each other. Usually they will giggle and talk to each other.

They get a lot of tummy time during the day. I think Caitlyn is the only one that really likes it. Brittany and Ashton will start fussing after 10 minutes of being on their tummy.

They got an activity gym for Christmas, so now they each have their own. I set all of them up one day in the living room and they played all day on them. Our living room looked like an amusement park!