Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


September 2, 2014 was the kids first day of school. They started Preschool at Moton Early Childhood Center. We asked to have the kids in separate classes because I wanted them to make friends individually and become their own person. Their classrooms are right near each other so they do get to see each other during the day.

Kevin and I took them their first day and walked them to their classrooms. Ashton and Caitlyn went with Kevin and I took Brittany. Caitlyn walked straight to her classroom and didn't look back! I didn't think we would have a problem with her since she likes to be independent. Ashton cried and didn't want us to leave and Brittany was fine as well. I walked over to Ashton's classroom to wave bye to him and he was still crying. We hurry and walked away and had to walk by Brittany's classroom to leave. Kevin wanted to wave bye to Brittany and when she saw us, she started to cry which made me cry! I didn't think I would lose it on the first day, but I did.

When they got home from their first day of school, they all said they had fun, but Ashton didn't want to go back. (Too bad, he's going back!) The rest of the week went great for Brittany and Caitlyn, walked them to their rooms with no problem. Ashton wouldn't let go of my legs and cried.

I think Ashton is going through late separation anxiety. When we went to Ohio for the weekend and left them with his parents, he did the same thing so I know it's not just school. Sometimes when I leave to go to the store by myself and they are with Kevin, he still does it. It's a stage and I know he will grow out of it, but it just breaks my heart to see him like that!

Second week of school started yesterday. We took them and were going to let them walk to their classrooms by themselves. Again, Caitlyn was having no problem until she saw Ashton and Brittany weren't behind her. So we had to get a visitor's pass and walk them to their classrooms. Brittany and Ashton cried again. This time we told the teachers that they were going to be riding the bus to and from school now. I think this will be easier on them and they won't be fighting to go into the classroom anymore.

Today started with a 2 hour delay because it rained non stop yesterday and streets were flooded and closed. The bus came when it was suppose to (which is a good thing) and the kids ran out to the bus. They did fuss a little, but did great on the bus. The bus dropped them off around 3:20pm and they were all smiles getting off the bus. The waved to the bus driver and said see you tomorrow. I would say today went pretty good!

On a separate note not school related. Ashton started Tee-Ball for Phoebus Little League. We have only had 2 practices so far because of all of the rain we got, but he is loving it. Season opener is suppose to be this weekend so I'm hoping we can get some practices in before then!