Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Month 10: Growing up

We are 11 months old today!!!!

It's been a month since our Charlotte trip. When we were there, Brittany was trying to pull herself up in the playpen to stand up. She was the only one that was trying to make that effort of standing up. A week or so after we got back, she started to pull herself in her crib and stand. Now she is doing it everywhere and pulling herself up on anything that is stable enough to hold her up.

Caitlyn and Ashton weren't close to pulling themselves up yet. We would try to get them to stand, but they really didn't want anything to do with that! One night Kevin was putting Caitlyn down to sleep in her crib and her stood her up and let her hold on to the side rails. She stood for a minute or two and that was about it.  Well, the next day I went into the nursery and Caitlyn was standing up all on her own! It just took Kevin to stand her up that one time!! A few days later, Ashton started to stand up on his own! It's only going to be a matter of time that they will be walking around on their own. Maybe when their first birthday comes they will be walking around the party!

When they are all on the living room floor playing, they always end up in the same place. They have the whole living room, but this is where they always end up...

Teeth time!!! Caitlyn has her 2 canine teeth coming in at the same time. Brittany has 1 canine and Ashton has his 2 bottom teeth coming in. He is finally starting to get some teeth!!!

Since they all are sitting up on their own now, we have started to bathe them in the big tub and let them play with bath toys with each other. Ashton and Caitlyn splash the water everywhere!! They love taking a bath in the big bath tub! The little ducky that Brittany is holding was her favorite toy that night. She would not let go of it!

We are getting ready to go on another camping trip. We are going to Bethpage again for 9 days!!! The babies will be getting in the kiddie pool for the first time!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Charlotte Camping Trip

We are back home from our week long camping trip. We got to Charlotte on Monday. We didn't do much on Monday. Tuesday, it was so hot outside, we spent most of the day at Concord Mills Mall since it was indoors and air conditioned!! The babies did great!! They stayed on their same schedule as they are on at home. When we would go up to the bath house to take a shower, we would take them up with us and use the family restroom and give them a bath. It was so hot the first part of the week. Luckily we had light summer dresses for the girls and Ashton just wore a onesie.  At breakfast tine, we would put the babies in their bumbos and sit them at the table.

Wednesday we went up to Camping World in Statesville and then stopped by Red Bull Racing Team shop. We stopped by Wal-Mart on our way back to the camper & bought a little pool for the babies. They loved playing in the pool! We did get a storm that night, really windy and rainy!

Thursday we spent pretty much all day going to different race shops around the area. We went to Ganassi/Earnhardt, Gibbs, Penske, Kyle Busch Motorsports, JR Motorsports, Kasey Kahne Racing, Martin Truex Racing, Red Bull Racing. We didn't get the babies out at every shop because some of them were small. Kevin and I would take turns going into the shops to look around or if Allie didn't want to go into one, she would stay in the truck with them. When we went to the Ganassi/Earnhardt shop, JPM and McMurray were signing autographs, when they got done, we asked if we could get a picture of them with the babies.

Friday was the Red Bull Fan Day at their shop. They had the Shutter Speed cars that Vickers and Kahne raced at the Coca Cola 600 race out so everyone could see up close the pictures on the cars. I downloaded a bunch of pictures of the babies on the car! Miss Sprint Cup Monica was at the shop, so we got a picture of her with the babies. We even did a little interview with her inside the shop!

We did have a lot of attention at the shop, but they get attention pretty much every where we go. We had some people from Red Bull take the babies pictures in their little Red Bull outfits. When I went up to get the autographs from the drivers, I asked Brian Vickers if he would hold Ashton for the picture. Of course he said yes, and joked around a little about last time he held a baby, it dropped. Kevin said it's OK, they bounce. They just laughed at it, knowing everyone was joking around!

One of the people who was taking event photos asked Kasey Kahne to get in the picture also. There was probably like 6 different camera taking pictures, we had no idea what camera to look at!

I absolutely love this picture!!

After the fan day was over, we had a little get together back at the campsite. Even though it rained, it didn't stop everyone from having a good time. We played some corn hole and hung out. I met some new friends and got to see old friends!

Saturday, we went out to breakfast with Kevin's family that live near Charlotte! After breakfast, we hung around at the trailer, then walked up to all of the merchandise trailers. It was so hot out there, we didn't stay too long. We went back to the trailer and let the babies swim in the pool again. I think Kevin got so hot, he got in with them.

Sunday, we went back up to the merchandise trailers that we didn't get to see on Saturday. We weren't out their too long since it was race day!! We were so thankful that Amy and her kids weren't going to the race and offered to watch the babies for us so Kevin and I could go! We did have fun!!

Monday we headed home! We stopped for breakfast & lunch. The babies did a lot better coming home than they did going there! Overall, they did AWESOME on the trip!!! They are pro's at camping now!