Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Saturday, May 21, 2011


We are vacationing for the weekend down in Corolla, NC at a beach house. Last weekend we camped at Kings Dominion campground in Doswell, VA. The babies had a good time. We didn't actually go into the amusement park, we went to Potomac Mills mall and did a little bit of shopping while the rest of the family went to Kings Dominion for Allison & Justin's chorus concert & rides. It rained every night that we were there, but that didn't stop us from having fun. We had the dinette in the trailer set up as the babies sleeping area & we also had 1 pack 'n play for sleeping. Let's just say that last weekend was the last time for the dinette area to be a sleeping area. Brittany has learned to grab on the edge and pull herself up! So we went out and bought 2 more pack 'n plays for sleeping.

When we were getting ready for our trip this weekend, we were greeted in the nursery by Brittany standing up in her crib! Ashton was half way up, trying to stand! Great!!! I have a feeling this is going to be a busy summer chasing them all around! With them standing up and now crawling around everyway. Brittany and Ashton have gotten the crawling down pretty good. Caitlyn is fine with army crawling around!

We leave on Monday for a week of dry camping at Charlotte. Everyone thinks we are crazy for dry camping with 3 babies! I think it will be fun!! Most of the time we will probably be out doing things around town, going to the mall and all of the race shops around the area! Stay tuned for the vacation recap!!

The babies turn 10 months old in a few days. I need to start planning their 1st birthday party!! I can't believe they are going to be turning 1 soon!! Where did the time go!?!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Month 9: Getting bigger

The babies had their 9 month check up yesterday. Doctor said they were perfect!! They are now considered true 9 month olds!!! It usually takes preemies 2 years to finally catch up to their age, so considering it's only been 9 months, we were extremely happy! They have been on Neosure(formula for preemies) since they were born and we finally get to come off that and go to regular formula! That is going to be like a pay increase for us!! For those who don't know about it, it costs about $16.00 a 13.1oz can. A 48oz. can of regular formula at Sam's club costs us $19.00!! They also get to start eating meat baby food and finger foods! We bought some Gerber Graduate puffs and some Cheerios yesterday for them to start eating.

Caitlyn is getting this crawling down pretty good. We were packing for Richmond and when we went into the living room and Caitlyn was trying to escape and get down the hallway!! She is also trying to stand on her feet when she crawls.

Ashton has started to sit up on his own. He will go from laying down, to being on his hands and knees, to sitting up!! He is sitting up all the time now!! He hasn't mastered the crawling yet. He is still going backwards or rolling around. Somehow he got into the hallway by the bathroom & bedrooms last night. Still haven't figured out how he got there!

Brittany is sitting up on her own now. She has started to army crawl a little bit. She loves to say Baa-Baa now.  She is starting to get her 3rd tooth, one on the top. Caitlyn and Brittany are going to have a bunch of teeth before Ashton has any!!

We are getting ready to go camping this weekend at the campground in Kings Dominion!!