Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve

We decided that we were going to bring in the new year at home this year. We invited over our family and extended family. It was a lot easier to do it this way with the babies so they would be in the comfort of their own home and toys and when it was time to go to bed, we can lay them in their cribs to sleep for the night. Our family started to come over around 5pm. Kevin and I got a deep fryer for Christmas and he LOVES wings, so we made wings for the first time! We also had a bunch of other munchies. We had cornhole boards set up out back along with a fire pit. While some people played cornhole, a lot of us sat outside next to the fire. Our cousin brought over some stuff to make smores, so the kid in me had to make one!! Inside we had Rockband going! Everyone was playing!! We cut off the Rockband around 11:45 to turn on Dick Clark's Rockin Eve. Those 15 minutes went by so fast!! Next thing I know, we are counting down to the new year!

Last year the babies were up when we went into the new year. This year, Ashton was the only one up because he did not want to go to sleep because he was afraid he was going to miss something!

It was a great, fun filled night with all of our family!!

Playing RockBand!!

Kevin cooking his wings for the first time

Family Rock Band time!!

Brad and Kevin playing cornhole

Hanging out by the fire




Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We usually split Christmas day with my parents in the morning and Kevin's parents in the afternoon. Because we do this, it is easier to stay the night at my parents house on Christmas Eve. The babies actually woke up at 8 instead of their normal time of 9. It was like they knew Santa had came! Once everyone was awake and moving around, we started to open presents. We started with the babies presents first, then went onto our presents. They weren't too sure of the concept of opening presents yet. Once they opened a gift and saw what it was, they wanted to play with that toy and not do anything else. So we ended up hiding the toys as they were opened so they would continue opening their other gifts! They received a lot of clothes, some toy cars, a Race'n'Go Pit Stop house and bunch of other cool gifts. After all of the presents were opened, we ate our breakfast. We had eggs and biscuits with gravy and bacon! It was yummy!!!

Around Noon we headed over to Kevin's parents house to have Christmas with them. We had to stop by our house first to unload the truck of all the gifts from my parents house and load the gifts for his family. Once we got there, we had our Christmas lunch. We had ham, country ham, beans, rolls, beans and dessert. After we ate, we opened presents. We started with the babies presents first and then moved onto our presents. They got some books, sit on cars, blocks, height chart and many other cool presents. After all the presents were opened, we relaxed for a little bit, then headed home.

Once we got home, Kevin started to put together the presents from us to the babies. We got the girls a play Kitchen and Ashton got a play Workbench. After he put those together, he then put together the Race'n'Go Pit Stop that my parents got for them. Their toy room is definitely full now after this Christmas.

We still had a few presents that were under the tree that they didn't open on Christmas. We saved them till the next day so they wouldn't be overwhelmed. There were a few presents from us, and my aunts and uncles. They got some clothes, a nativity scene, toys and trikes! They played all day with their new toys!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent with both sides of the family. We started at Kevin's aunt's house for lunch and watched the kids open presents. We had a delicious meal that consists of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, chicken salad, homemade rolls and a bunch of other stuff. After we ate, we took a couple of family pictures. Once the pictures were done, it was time for all of the kids to exchange their gifts. They all draw a name and they buy a few presents for that person. They all got some really cool gifts. Our cousin Kim got the babies 2 sleeping outfits each!

Cousins on Kevin's side of the family

Around 4:00, we headed over to my sister's house in Virginia Beach for my side of the family's Christmas Eve. We use to draw a name and buy a present for that particular person, but the past few years we have just bought a gift and do a Chinese exchange (I think that is what it's called!) All of the presents go under the tree and we all draw a number. Once your number is called, you either pick a gift under the tree or you can steal one from someone else. Everyone has different rules on how the game is played. So we came up with house rules. Whoever house we are at gets to make the rules. Kevin and I walked away with a Fire Pit this year! Well, actually it's my dad's since I picked for him since we didn't bring a gift, but we brought it home!
Ashton opening his gifts

Brittany opening her gifts

Caitlyn opening her gifts

Mommy being funny!

Mommy and Daddy on Christmas Eve!

After the gift exchange was done, Kevin and dad took the babies back to mom and dad's house while mom and I stayed to help Ashley and Tommy clean up. Luckily it didn't take too long to clean up! Then we headed to my parents house for the night. For the past few years we have stayed the night at my parents house Christmas Eve and open presents on Christmas morning with them. Once the babies start knowing about Santa Claus, that will change and we will be staying at home on Christmas Eve so they can open presents on Christmas morning at home.