Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Toddler Beds

It's almost been a week since the kids have moved from cribs to toddler beds. When we lay them down for bed, we put them in their own beds but it doesn't last. They get up and play around in the toy box (that is just stuffed animals) and get the clothes out of the dresser. At the beginning they would all fall asleep on the floor and we move them back in their bed. Lately Caitlyn has been fall asleep right at the door. We put her back in bed but sometimes she ends up back at the gate with her blanket.

Surprisingly they have not gotten into bed with one another during the night. I thought for sure that would happen. At nap time, I will lay them each down and close the door. I hear them playing around for about 30 minutes or so and then it's quiet. Of course I open up the door and see nothing but clothes everywhere, but they are all asleep in beds. Now it's not their own bed, but at least they are starting to get into bed to sleep. Yesterday during nap time, the girls decided to sleep in the same bed. Here are a few pictures that I took while they were sleeping from the past 2 afternoon nap time.

Ashton asleep in Brittany's bed

Brittany in Caitlyn's bed

Caitlyn in Ashton's bed

Girls decided to nap together

Monday, April 16, 2012

Toddler Beds - Night 2

Last night seemed pretty easy putting the babies down. We gave them a bath around 8, then put them in their beds. We turned the TV on for a little bit while the others were still getting their baths. When I went to turn the TV off, Ashton was sleeping on the floor and the girls were sitting on the floor watching TV. After about 10 minutes of the TV off, all 3 were passed out on the floor. We put them in their beds and it was lights out!

Around 3am, I heard Brittany roll out of bed. I went in and put her back in bed and she went right back to sleep. Then I noticed Ashton was sleeping on the floor! I know he didn't fall out of bed because I never heard him or he didn't cry. So I assume he just got out of bed and laid there. I put him back in bed and he was out.

They slept through the night without a peep and they didn't wake up till 8:45am!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Toddler Beds - Night 1

Last night we decided to convert the babies cribs into the toddler beds. We were debating on when was the best time to do this. People have said that when your hear a thump, it's time. Well, we didn't want them to fall out of their crib and hurt themselves. So when they started to climb up the crib rails, we thought it was best to do it now.

We had to rearrange the room to make everything fit. The room is now back to the same layout as it was when we first brought the babies home from the hospital. My parents got the babes the foam letter and numbers mat so we put that down thinking that if they fell out of bed at night, hitting mat rather than the hardwood floors would be a little softer.

At their bed time, we laid them all down in their beds. It didn't last very long until they were up and playing around the room. Between getting into the dresser drawers and taking the mat completely apart, it didn't look like there was going to be any sleeping insight. About 10:00pm, Kevin and I went to our room so we could open up the babies bedroom door. We can't have their door open because it looks directly out into the living room and they can see us. So after about 30 minutes of crying it got really quiet. I peeked my head around the corner and Ashton was asleep in Caitlyn's bed, Brittany was asleep in her bed and Caitlyn was asleep in Ashton's bed. Caitlyn looked like she was going to fall out of bed, so I moved her a little bit and she went back to sleep.

Around 12:30am, Brittany woke up crying. When I went to get Brittany, Caitlyn was sleeping with her blanket on the floor right next to the door. I picked her up and put her back in bed and I took Brittany out into the living room for a little bit. Brittany woke up crying because she had a stomach ache. I gave her some gas drops and she went right back to sleep for the night. That was the only time any of them got up!!

I hope night 2 goes just like last night!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter was spent with both sides of the family! We started off with breakfast the Moose with my parents, sister and brother. The babies ate scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles and sausage with some Orange Juice. After they got done eating, we took them to see the Easter Bunny. They weren't too fond of him. After seeing the Easter Bunny, we went outside to see the fire trucks! We were able to go inside them and even sit in the driver's seat! Ashton loved every minute of it!! Around 10:30, they did an Easter Egg Hunt. I wasn't too sure how the babies were going to do with the whole concept, but they did surprisingly well!! They each found a few eggs and had a blast with it.

After breakfast, we went to Kevin's parents house for a late lunch. We had country ham, regular ham, green beans, mac and cheese and yeast rolls. Then of course we had some dessert! After dessert, we did another egg hunt for the babies and let them run around the backyard. They loved running around and playing!! I think it wore them out because they slept like babies that night!!!

Busch Gardens

Yesterday was the last day of spring break, so we went to Busch Gardens with Kevin's family. Kevin and Paul were coming up there after they got off of work so Kevin's parent, Allie, Karen, myself and the babies went up there right after lunch. I wanted to wait until Kevin got there before I took the babies to the Sesame Street area and put them on any rides. The girls of course fell asleep right before Kevin got there, but they didn't stay asleep long. We took them to the Sesame Street area and they got to see Zoe and Elmo. They got to take a picture with Elmo too! They knew exactly who he was. I don't think they were too sure about him though.  There weren't any rides that they could ride in the Sesame Street area, so we took them to Italy and they got to ride the Little Gliders. Caitlyn rode with me, Brittany rode with Allison and Ashton rode with Kevin. Caitlyn hated the ride from the first time she sat down. She screamed the whole time! Ashton cried only when he got on and liked it when it started moving. I don't think Brittany wanted to get off! Next time we go, hopefully Caitlyn will like it a little more, but it was their first time ever getting on a ride. 

Baseball opening day

Kevin and I are big into baseball... well since it was opening day last week, I dressed the babies in their baseball gear. We are Indians and Mets fans, but we like the Nationals too because they are close to us and the babies will probably get to see them play more often than the Indians that are in Cleveland, Ohio and the Mets who are in New York. Here are a few pictures that I took!