Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Blog

Well, im starting my first blog. Thinking about it, I should have started this a long time ago!

6 months ago, I gave birth to triplets (2 girls, 1 boy).

The Wednesday before they were born, I was actually admitted to the hospital for a steroid shot. The steroid shot was because they knew the babies would have a chance of being delivered early. The shot was to help their lungs develop a little faster. While I was admitted, I was not allowed to get up and walk around. By Friday, I was so ready to leave! I was suppose to be discharged Friday. I figured I would be discharged early in the day, but that was not the case. I finally was able to at least take a ride in the wheelchair, so Kevin took me around the Maternity floor. We stopped by the nursery and looked at all the babies and then around the corner was the special care nursery. We talked to one of the nurses in the regular nursery and when we told her that we were having triplets, she mentioned that they would most likely be in Special Care Nursery. We knew going into the hospital that there would be a chance that they might have to go to CHKD, so the Special Care Nursery didn't sound so bad. We actually got to tour the Special Care Nursery that afternoon... and let me tell you... I was a little scared. Seeing all of these little babies in incubators and all these tubes and wires were a little scary for a new mom to be. Around 6pm, I was finally released from the hospital, but I was then put on moderate bed rest. I could still get up and do things, but I couldn't drive and I couldn't walk around for a long period of time.

I had a NST Monday and a doctors appointment on Wednesday and everything was looking good. Kevin could not go with me on Thursday to my NST so his mom took me. He told her that nothing exciting will happen, there will just be some machines on my tummy and you will hear the heartbeats. Little did we know! Well after 30 minutes (which was not normal for me) the girls still haven't passed their test. So the nurse called my doctor and asked what we should do. She told her to do a full BPP on me (which is and ultrasound to check the fluids around the babies). When she did the BPP, there was hardly any fluid around Caitlyn, but she was still breathing. My doctor (who was working in the hospital that day) told the nurse to send me to Labor and Delivery to be admitted. My heart was POUNDING now. My husband who was in Williamsburg at the time had to rush back to Norfolk before I was going to have these babies. I think he made record time! My doctor decided that she didn't want to risk anything and was going to take the babies out that day. I called all my family and friends and even my boss to let them know that today was the big day!

Me before going back to the O.R.

July 29, 2010 about 4:00pm, they took me back to the O.R. They got me on the table and started to give me the good stuff! My leg jolted out because they hit a nerve and then the weirdest feeling of numbness took over my lower half of my body. Felt so weird that I couldn't lift my legs up or move them. I see Kevin come in and sit next to me. I ask Kevin if they have even started doing anything yet and he tells me that they are about to pull a baby out! Well, I guess that medicine worked! I didn't feel anything at all!! Caitlyn Marie was born at 4:42pm weighing 2lbs 7.5 oz. Ashton Thomas was born at 4:43pm weighing 3lbs 7oz and Brittany Lynn was born at 4:44pm weighing 3lbs 12oz. They were all taken to the Special Care Nursery and did not have to go to the NICU at CHKD or need any help breathing!

 Caitlyn Marie
 Ashton Thomas
Brittany Lynn

The nurses that worked in the Special Care Nursery were great! They taught us so many things and took excellent care of our babies. Ashton and Brittany were released 3 weeks later on August 24th. Taking 2 babies home was so hard because we had to take care of them and also make sure we spend time with Caitlyn in the hospital. On August 29th, Caitlyn was released! I finally had all of our babies home!

Our first family picture


  1. Great early birthday present for me!!! Can't wait to celebrate our birthdays together for the rest of our lives :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your family, Jess! I cannot look at apicture of your babies without smiling. They are precious and I consider it a gift to share in their lives as they grow.