Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Month 3 & 4: Growing up

The next 2 months seemed to fly right on by. The babies started to sleep through the night which was great for us! I would feed them around 11pm and then put them down for the night. There would be times where Brittany or Ashton would wake up in the middle of night, but go right back to sleep. Caitlyn was our best sleeper! She hardly cried when we put her down to sleep. Brittany would cry and just want to be rocked back to sleep. We tried not to do that too often because we did not want to get them use to be rocked to sleep.

They started to eat a lot more formula throughout the day and we started cereal in the formula when they were 4 months old. I was a little nervous to get them cereal at night before going to bed because I wasn't sure if they would spit up in the middle of the night if I would hear it. I would give them about 2Tbs of cereal at lunch time. At first it would make them go a little bit longer between feedings, but after a week or so, it was back to the every 3 hours. I did try to give them cereal not in the bottle, but they refused to take it that way.

Around 3 1/2 months, we took away the sleep positioners because they started to move around more often in their sleep. We would wake up in the morning and their faces would be in the middle of the sleep positioner. Then an article came out that they were taking them off the shelves because of infant deaths. We took them out of the cribs immediately! They were still getting swaddled at night, and it was like they knew it was time for bed when they were swaddled.

We would do about 15 minutes of tummy time everyday. They would get real fussy on their tummies. But, it was something that had to be done. By the time they were 4 months old, all 3 of them have already rolled over from tummy to back. The pediatrician was surprised of the progress the babies were making since they were born almost 2 months premature. They were doing things that shouldn't have been done yet.

We had our first Christmas!! Christmas Eve we went to Kevin's Aunts house for a little while, then off to my parents house for family gift exchange and the first time meeting a lot of the family. We woke up about 8:00am on Christmas day. The babies opened their presents from Grandpa and Gramcracker first. They got their first piggy banks, some DVDs and some clothes. The piggy banks stay at Grandpa and Gramcracker's house so they can fill them up!! We ate a good breakfast, then headed over to Kevin's parents house. We decided to open up the babies' gifts first. They got Bumbo's, clothes, books and activity gyms.  We had a great First Family Christmas.

It started snowing Christmas day! The babies first Christmas, was a white one. We ended up getting about 12" of snow over 2 days!! I wish they were a little older so we could have went out and played in it. Hopefully there will be many more winters that come with snow!

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