Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Month 7: Starting to Talk

The babies are a little over 7 months old right now. They are eating a lot more baby food now! I haven't found anything that they didn't like! Makes it easy for me to feed them when they will eat anything! They usually eat a vegetable and a fruit each day. I will probably start to make that 2 a day soon! They are getting so big, I can't wait till there 9 month appointment so I can see how much they have grown.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before or not, but my parents bought the babies a Scout and Violet dogs. They are the best thing!! You hook them up to your computer through a USB and customize everything. You add babies names, favorite color, animal and food. It has songs that use that information and then at night there is a sleep button. It plays night time music for either 2,5 or 10 minutes. Usually by the 10 minutes, the babies are fast asleep! I definitely recommend them. We were in Target recently and they had baby Scouts and Violets. They didn't have all the other songs and games as the bigger ones did, it just had the lullaby music.

Ashton has started to figure out the "Daa" sound now. He loves to say "Daaa-Deee". It is so cute to listen to him call for daddy!! He loves to roll over a lot. I would lay him on the living room floor and he would just roll around everywhere! For some reason, he loves to just lay in his crib! He will play with his glow worm or his Scout dog! He will put his feet in his mouth, even if he is wearing socks or the footie outfits!

Brittany is saying "Daa Daa Daa" a lot. She looked up to Kevin and said "Daa Daa". She made him smile so big!! Brittany still doesn't like to be on her tummy that much. She does love to play in the Jumperoo and the Step 'n Play Piano. Brittany loves to play with her feet and legs. She will grab the bottom of her foot and just move her leg back and forth. She likes to put her feet in her mouth and stick out her tounge.

Caitlyn is stuck on the "Baa" right now and hasn't started the "Daa" yet. I think it might be because she use to have a ladybug on her car seat and I would always tell her to look at the bug. Caitlyn loves to sleep on her belly now and just loves to be on her belly anytime. She loves to play in the jumperoo and play on the floor with Ashton and Brittany. There is a little play microphone on it and she will put her mouth up to it and start moving her mouth, its so cute! Caitlyn loves her daddy too!

We upgraded our carseats recently. They are no longer in the baby carriers. We went to Babies R Us and purchased the Britax Marathon car seats. I love them!! It makes it so much easier to get the babies in and out of the truck. It also makes it a little easier when we go somewhere and have to feed them, we dont have to deal with buckling them in their carseats everytime, we just have to strap them into the stroller! We bought a shopping cart cover so we can take the stroller and use a shopping cart. Ashton took his first ride in the shopping cart and loved it!

Kevin had his St. Baldrick's head shaving in Richmond March 12th so I decided to dress the babies up in their St. Patrick's Day outfits.

We are getting ready to go on our first camping trip of the year in a few weeks! I'm sure the babies will do a lot better this time than they did in October and November since they are a little bit older now!

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