Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Friday, September 16, 2011

Play time!!

Since we got so many toys for the babies first birthday, we needed a space to put them all. We took the dining room and made it into the play room for the babies. We bought a numbers and letters rug for their room. They love their play room. Often times we would go in there & they will be playing inside their toy box.
My sister & Tommy got them a little ball pit for their birthday. We finally moved the high chairs out of the play room so there was room to put it up. They definitely have a good time playing in it!! They like to get in and throw all of the balls out of it.
I don't think there is a single toy that they love the most. They play with everything. Sometimes the empty out the toy box just to get everything out. We do have a stand up and play station that they usually play with all the time. Ashton just likes to open and close the play laptop thing that is on it.

There will be times when they all 3 are playing in the play room and we hear giggling. Last night, they were playing with a book and making each other laugh. I love when they make each other laugh like that! We would peek around the corner and watch them play. Sometimes they play great with each other, other times they will take toys away from each other. But we have to let them work it out themselves.

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