Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve

We decided that we were going to bring in the new year at home this year. We invited over our family and extended family. It was a lot easier to do it this way with the babies so they would be in the comfort of their own home and toys and when it was time to go to bed, we can lay them in their cribs to sleep for the night. Our family started to come over around 5pm. Kevin and I got a deep fryer for Christmas and he LOVES wings, so we made wings for the first time! We also had a bunch of other munchies. We had cornhole boards set up out back along with a fire pit. While some people played cornhole, a lot of us sat outside next to the fire. Our cousin brought over some stuff to make smores, so the kid in me had to make one!! Inside we had Rockband going! Everyone was playing!! We cut off the Rockband around 11:45 to turn on Dick Clark's Rockin Eve. Those 15 minutes went by so fast!! Next thing I know, we are counting down to the new year!

Last year the babies were up when we went into the new year. This year, Ashton was the only one up because he did not want to go to sleep because he was afraid he was going to miss something!

It was a great, fun filled night with all of our family!!

Playing RockBand!!

Kevin cooking his wings for the first time

Family Rock Band time!!

Brad and Kevin playing cornhole

Hanging out by the fire




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