Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Friday, February 1, 2013

January 2013

January has come and gone and what a crazy month it was! We were in the 70s a couple of times and then snowing a few times. On a couple of the nice days, we took the kids to the Norfolk Zoo to get out of the house and let them see some animals. We also went to the Virginia Living Museum and the Virginia Aquarium.

The first week of January we took a little trip to the Zoo. We always start at the same area and usually the Orangutan's are usually in their little inside space sleeping or eat so we never had the chance to see them outside, until this time! They were outside playing around, so we went right up to the glass so the kids had a better view of them. One of the Orangutan's came walking up the glass and Brittany got scared. She just started saying "Bye bye". That's her way of telling us that she doesn't want to look at them anymore. We noticed that she usually does it to the bigger animals. We told her that they weren't going to get near her, but she didn't care! So we moved on to the next exhibit. The baby bears were out and playing around and she didn't want to see them either. Funny part is, she wanted to see the bigger bears. Our favorite part of the Zoo is the Giraffe's. When we were there last, the Zoo had an area under construction that was for the Elephants so the kids could only see the Elephants in their cages. When we went this time, they were complete and the Elephants were in their new habitat! Next we went to Ashton's favorite part, the Squirrel Monkeys. He loves Monkeys! He even asked for a pet Monkey! Crazy kid! The Squirrel Monkey area is the last area that we visit , so after seeing them and the snakes, it was time to go home!

Our friend has a membership to the Virginia Living Museum and can get us in for free. On one of the rainy days, we went to the Museum and spent some time inside looking at the animals. There were a few exhibits of fish, turtles, snakes, lobsters, jelly fish, shrimp and other sea animals. This was the first time that I have been there myself. Since it was rainy, we didn't get the chance to go outside and enjoy the nature trails and see the animals that stay outside.

Last Friday, we decided to take the kids to the Virginia Aquarium. It was suppose to snow that evening, so we figured we would be fine if we left the Aquarium early afternoon. My sister and niece went with us since we were getting a membership that could get two other people in with us for free so we could take our parents or anyone else that wanted to go. We went through pretty much all of the exhibits and let the kids see all of the fish, but we only planned on being there for a couple of hours. We left the Aquarium around 3:00 and it started to snow and it snowed hard. After sitting in traffic for hours, we finally got home around 7:30. Talk about a nightmare!

Brittany was chasing this little fish back and forth

Since we didn't get home till 7:30, it was too late for the kids to go out and play in the snow. The next morning after they ate their breakfast, we got them dressed in their snowsuits and let them go play! They had a blast!!

Caitlyn threw a snowball at Brittany

A few days after it snowed, it was back in the 70s again, so we took the kids to the Zoo again! 

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