Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zoo trip

Earlier this month is near 80 degrees, so I took the kids to the Zoo! Of course when we got there, there were 3 bus loads of kids being dropped off! This was the first time that I took them by myself. They are started to get too big for the strollers and wagon, so I let them walk by themselves. I told them before we got out of the car if they didn't listen to me we would go back to get the wagon and they would ride in the wagon instead of walking by themselves. Even though it was super busy, the kids did great and listened to me the entire time. Ashton's favorite monkeys were not on exhibit the day we went because they were remodeling their habitat. Brittany loves the bears. She calls them Brittany's Bears, but she does not like the Orangutans at all! She will not go near them!

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