Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Thursday, May 15, 2014


We switched things up for Easter this year. We started off at Kevin's parents house for Easter lunch with the family. The kids and Allie opened their Easter Baskets and then we went out to hide some Easter Eggs for the kids to find. They loved looking for the Eggs throughout the backyard! When all of the eggs were found, we went inside and emptied them all out. Of course mommy and daddy got the candy since we don't let them eat a bunch of candy. After everything settled down, it was time to go to my parents for Easter Dinner. 

When we got to my parents house, the kids opened up their Easter Baskets and did another Easter Egg hunt inside the house. They each had 2 colors that they needed to find. The eggs this time were filled with change for their piggy banks. After the egg hunt was over, we had our dinner. After we were done eating, Kevin and Tommy went outside and hid the Easter Eggs again! So the kids were excited to do another hunt! When they found all the eggs and went inside, they were thinking that there would be more change in the eggs. But they were empty! We had a great Easter with our families!

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