Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Ohio trip

My best friend from middle school was getting married in Ohio over the summer. Kevin and I decided to drive up to Ohio a few days before the wedding and spend some time with my family that lived an hour and half away from where the wedding was. We got to town about 10pm Tuesday evening. My aunt waited up for us even though she had to get up at 3am to go to work! Wednesday was just to ourselves, so we went to Cleveland for the day. The RNC was coming into town that Sunday, so it was crazy in downtown. They were getting everything set up at the Quicken Loans Arena for the event. We stopped in Winking Lizard for lunch. We cannot go to Cleveland and not go there for lunch or dinner! Sometimes I think we plan our trips around what we want to eat! :) After we ate, we went to the Cleveland Indians team shop, but since they were setting up stuff at Progressive Field, the team store was closed. I don't get to visit the team shop often, so I was a little upset! We made our way over to the Cavaliers team shop to look around. Since they just won the Championship earlier in the year, I wanted to see what kind of Championship shirts they had. I didn't end up buying anything, but they did have a good selection of things. Across the street was Jack's casino! We stopped in and played $20 on the slots between the both of us. We walked out with $37! As you can tell, we aren't gamblers! Whenever I go to Cleveland, I have to go to Progressive Field and Browns Stadium, so we made our walk over to First Energy Stadium. After visiting the stadium, we headed back to my aunt house for dinner with my cousins!

My aunt took off work Thursday and Friday so she could spend some time with us. Thursday we went to Toledo. We stopped at Tony Packo's for lunch. (Like I said earlier, we play where we go based on food). Kevin wanted to get the MOAD (Mother Of All Dogs). After lunch, we walked around the mall for a little bit, then headed back to my aunt house to pick up my cousin so we could go to the Mudhens game. We headed back to Toldeo for the game. They were playing the Indians' farm team Columbus Clippers. We sat right near the field on the 3rd base side. It was actually Saved By The Bell night, so it was really Valley High vs Bayside High and Principal Belding from the show was there! Toldeo ended up winning the game, but we had a great time hanging out with my aunt and cousin for the evening. 


Great evening view

I got a ball!
Friday we spend the day at Put-In-Bay. If you ever visit Ohio, you MUST take a visit to the Island! We took the Miller Ferry over to the Island. Basically it's bar after bar after bar. We started off at the Put In Bay Winery that my friend suggested to me. My aunt and I did a wine tasting. The wine was so good, even at 10am! After our wine, we headed off to another bar and got a drink. My aunt's friend works at one of the clothing stores on the island and recommended us to go to The Keys for lunch. OMG, it was amazing!! The food and drinks were so good. Not mention the amazing view we had as we ate. We could have stayed there all day! After lunch, Kevin and I went up the Perry Monument and captured breath taking views of the island and could even see some of Canada. After our trip to Put-In-Bay, Kevin and I headed to Olmstead Falls to check in our hotel for the weekend for the wedding. The hotel had an indoor pool and hot tub so we took advantage of that! It was relaxing to be in the hot tub. We met some people that were in town for Jenni's wedding that lived in NC. They were really nice people and funny! 

Saturday was Jenny's wedding!!! I was so excited to see her get married! They had a very nice ceremony. After the ceremony, they had about an hour and half until the reception so we headed back to the hotel where they had a shuttle take us to the reception so we didn't have to drive. At first we were the only ones waiting, but by the time we left, the shuttle was full. We definitely had a memorable trip on the way to reception. The driver got lost and a 15 minute trip took about 25-30 minutes! We ended up sitting at the same table as some of the people on the shuttle. For not knowing anyone expect the Bride at the wedding, we had a really good time and met some really fun people! We did have some photobooth fun at the wedding too. After the wedding was over, we took the shuttle back to the hotel and walked over to the bar next door. Jenni and her new husband Tony met all of us there after they were done at the reception site. We stayed for a few drinks, but with us leaving at 7am, I needed to get some sleep! We all ended up heading back to the hotel. Our extended trip to Ohio was so fun and can't wait to go back!

Shuttle ride back to the Hotel

Shuttle ride back to the Hotel

Bar crashing!

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