Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Break UVA

For spring break, Kevin took off the entire week so we could spend the whole week together! We ended up going to the campground for the entire week. Unfortunately the kids were sick pretty much the entire week! We did get to have one fun day. Tuesday we went up to UVA to watch a baseball game at Davenport Field (Finally!!) ODU was traveling up to UVA to play that day. Of course, we are fans of both UVA and ODU, but we were wearing all UVA gear that day! The kids had so much fun. We got to Charlottesville around lunch time. After lunch we went to the bookstore and the kids each got a shirt since they didn't have any UVA gear. We drove around the campus and showed the kids where everything was. Then it was game time! We had great seats behind UVA's dugout on the 3rd baseline. Ashton was chosen to participate in one of their trivia games. Lucky him, he got the question right and got an autographed baseball! The last 2 UVA/ODU games we have been to, ODU has won. This time, UVA won. Of course Ashton wanted the game to end in a tie because he didn't want either team to lose! We had a great time at the ballpark and can't wait to go back!

Of course we can't leave a baseball game without a ball, or two!

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