Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Almost crawling...

The babies are so close to crawling. I think Caitlyn will be the one that will crawl first though. She is always getting on her knees and hands and rocks back and forth.

While Caitlyn is the only one that looks like she is ready to take off crawling. Brittany is mastering the sitting up on her own. She does get a little excited sometimes and falls over, but she is definitely getting stronger at sitting up.

Ashton is too excited to sit up. Every time we try to sit him up, he arches his back and falls over. But, he is just a happy little man! This week he has been trying so hard to crawl.

They are also starting to get their little attitudes. This picture I took of Brittany at my parents house made me laugh. It was like she was saying, hurry up and take the picture!!

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