Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Monday, April 25, 2011

Month 8: Growing!!!

This past month has been an exciting one! Caitlyn and Brittany has each gotten a tooth and their second tooth is popping through now! Ashton doesn't have any yet!!

We had to lower the mattresses in their cribs last night. It was getting to where they were be on their knees and grabbing onto the rails. They like to pull the bumpers down and look over them.

We spent the evening over my parents house last week and we had all of them on floor to play around. Well, Caitlyn tried to crawl! She moved each knee once! I think once she realizes that she can move around, she is going to take off!! Ashton and Brittany haven't moved forward yet. They both are moving backwards. Ashton got himself stuck under the end table in the living room and couldn't go anywhere!

We had an Easter brunch at my parents house with my sister and her boyfriend and took a nice walk around my parents neighborhood. Then we went to Kevin's parents house for Easter dinner with his family.

Next week they have their 9 month check up! Then we have 2 camping trips planned for May!

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