Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Camping Trip

A few weeks ago we went camping to Bethpage in Urbanna, VA. It was their Welcome Back weekend for campers. It is basically their season opening weekend. This was the babies 10th camping trip. Since it's the campground first weekend open, there is hardly anyone there and not too much going on. They did have a free hot dog social Saturday evening, so we took the babies down to the activities center and ate dinner there.

With no one really camping and a lot of empty lots, we let the babies run around a little bit. They had a blast running around, picking up rocks and picking flowers. Brittany loved to pick up all the different types of flowers (or weeds). Ashton just wanted to run around or pick up rocks. Caitlyn just loved to be outside free! Here are a few pictures of them running around at the campground.

We are getting ready to go to Kings Dominion for the weekend for another camping trip! Then in 2 weeks, it's out annual week long camping trip in Charlotte!! 

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