Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Charlotte Camping Trip

This past week we have been camping at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Dry camping for a whole week wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We did it last year with no problem and this year was a breeze as well. The camp ground that we stay at is basically just a big field behind turn 3. We got there Monday evening. We decided to try putting the play yard together for them to sleep all together. 3am came around and they were all up screaming. I could not figure out what was wrong. Finally, I got some cereal out and they ate. After they ate, they went right to bed. I don't know if this was because they were full of energy from riding 6hours in the car to get here or what. But thankfully that was the only night they did that. After Monday night, we decided to go back to the pack-n-plays for them to sleep in. Monday and Tuesday night we had some storms, but that was the only rain that we got!

Tuesday we went over to Hendrick Motorsports because they were having Pit Practices open to the public and free donuts,juice and coffee! So we took to the babies over there and watched Jeff Gordon's team do their practices. I figured the babies wouldn't like it very much because of the noise, but I was wrong!! They loved it. They didn't cry once when they were firing up the engine in the car and all of the air tools! Then we headed off to Stewart-Haas Racing to check out that shop since we have never been before. Tuesday evening we met up with our friends Chris and Angela to go to their youngest son's baseball game. It started to rain as soon as they started playing, but it only lasted about 15 minutes, then the skies cleared and we were able to see some baseball!! Cameron made the last out to win the game and got the game ball! After the game was over, we went out to dinner at a place called Punchy's Diner, it was very good!

Caitlyn, Hunter, Ashton, Cameron & Brittany
Wednesday we went around to a few different race shops with our friends that were there from PA and FL. We started off at MWR since they were having their fan day and the shop tour that is usually $8 was free. You were able to see pretty much everything! I think there was a total of 44 race cars sitting on the shop floor at the time we were there. After MWR, we went to JR Motorsports, KKR (Kasey Kahne Racing), KBM (Kyle Busch Motorsports) and Penske. All of the shops that we went to you could see the cars on the shop floor being worked on. If you are a race fan and never been to the Concord/Mooresville area, you need to go and check out the shops. It is amazing to see! After walking around all day, we went back to the trailer and let the babies take a little nap. At 6:30 they had some drivers from the UARA series at the campground signing autographs. So we put the babies in the stroller and took them up there. We got a few autographs and got to see one of the cars they had on display. The driver Tyler Laing let us put each of the babies in his car. Caitlyn didn't like it too much. Ashton LOVED it and didn't want to get out. Brittany wasn't quite sure at first, but then decided she liked it!

Thursday the rest of the family got there. We went off to Wal-Mart first to get a few more grocery's that we needed, then took the babies back to the camper for their nap. Allison, Kevin, Gary and I went off to Hendrick Motorsports since Allie wasn't here to go with us the first time. We didn't too much Thursday!

Friday we decided to do the Family Track Walk. It was a HOT one!!! But it still was an awesome experience to be able to walk around pit road, victory lane, the track and basically everywhere else that you wouldn't be allowed to visit (other than the driver's coaches area and garage area). The walk was 1.5miles and they had appearances from Jeff Burton and Denny Hamlin during the walk. After the walk was over, they served lunch that consists of Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken Sandwiches and chips. Everything was free. They had music, games and driver appearances from Tony Stewart, Greg Biffle and Ned Jarrett. After that was over, we headed off to the mall for a little bit to cool off before we had people come over. Last year, we had a cookout that was kinda ruined by rain so we did another one this year and the weather was perfect. We cooked burgers and dogs, played cornhole and hung out with friends that we don't get to see but one time a year!

Kevin walking down pit road with the babies

Victory Lane

Signing the start/finish line

Allie & I on the start/finish line

Jeff Burton waving the green flag to get the walk started

Kevin going three wide into turn 1

Denny Hamlin

We finished!!!

Lugnut playing with Ashton

Ned Jarrett

Greg Biffle

Tony Stewart

Allie & I

Hunter and Cameron (Lambert boys)

Saturday morning we went walking around the vendors and souvenir trailers. The babies got free stuffed animals, but that's all we got! We headed back to the trailer around noon because our family from Shelby, NC was coming to visit. Since it was probably the hottest day of the week and the babies were getting hot, we filled up their little pool to let them swim. They loved it!! Last year we had to let the water sit out in the sun a little bit before they would get in. They didn't even care this year. We let them swim for about 20 minutes, then they went down for a nap. We grilled some chicken and ate a late lunch with the family. After they left, we just hung around the trailer for the night.

Sunday was race day! Kevin and I went back up to the trailers in the morning to see if there was any free stuff they were giving away. We didn't last very long there! We were back in an hour. We relaxed before it was time for everyone to go up to the track. Since we didn't have a sitter for the kids, I stayed back while everyone else went into the race. Kevin texted me from the track and told me to bring the babies up to the gate to get into the track and he would come out and let me go in for the rest of the race. He watched the first half of the race and I was able to go in for the second half. Well since Kasey is my driver, I got to see him win!! I was excited that I was able to watch it in person and not on the TV! :)

Kahne wins!!!!

Monday it was time to go home. We got up and packed everything up and hit the road about 10am. We got home around 430pm. We had a great trip and can't wait to go back next year!!

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