Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day weekend

We went camping again for Father's Day weekend. We went to the Williamsburg Outdoor World this time. Again, it was our first time there. We actually checked in June 7 and left June 16th. A week of camping was great! It was still close enough to home that Kevin could go work during the week. At the beginning of the week, Kevin's parents were camping with us and they left in the middle of the week. The first weekend there wasn't many people there, but I assume because school was still in. My parents came up on Saturday and hung out with us all day. We went swimming then went out to dinner to Pierce's BBQ! On Tuesday our friend Melanie came with her triplets and we hung out and went swimming. After her husband got off work, Kevin and him came up. We made spaghetti for dinner, then went swimming again.

Wednesday our niece Allie came up and we went to Busch Gardens. Kevin met us up there after he got off work. The kids are big enough that they can ride some of the rides in the Sesame Street area! Since it was really hot during the day, we put their bathing suits on and let them play in the water area.

Thursday was member night at the Zoo. We were suppose to get a nasty storm so I went to the house and waited for Kevin to get off work instead of staying in the trailer. When Kevin got home we went to Norfolk to the Zoo. It got real windy there, but that's about it. Norfolk didn't the nasty storm that the peninsula did. A lot of things did close a little early because it was so windy and some of the animals weren't out. We did get to see the baby giraffe that was born about a month ago! We headed back to the trailer to see if there was any damage. Luckily our campground was safe.

We have some friends that have a permanent site at the campground so we hung out with them Friday and Saturday. Saturday they had a member driven cornhole tournament. It was a blind draw to see who your partner was. Kevin and I got lucky and drew the same number! We won our first game and lost the next two. After the tournament was over, we still played just for fun. Next thing you know, it's almost 5! We played almost 6 hours of straight cornhole. We went back to the trailer to make some dinner, then it was time for the dance! The kid's didn't want to dance like they did before, but we had fun!! We can't wait to go back again!

Sunday we got all packed up, took the trailer home and headed over to my sister's house for swimming and a cookout with my dad. We swam and played cornhole! We had a great day!!

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