Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th

We spent the Forth of July in Nags Head with our friends Melanie, Johnny, their triplets and nephew. The rented a condo for a week and invited us down to hang out for the day and watch the fireworks. We got to Nags Head around 10:30am and got ready to head down to the beach. Their condo was right on the beach so we could look right on the water. It was very peaceful! We probably spent about 2 hours on the beach playing in the sand with the kids. The water was really cold, but it didn't stop the guys from getting in it. Kevin took Ashton out on the boogie board and he loved it! Ashton wanted to keep going back. Around 2, we went back up to the room and had some lunch and put the little kids down for a nap. Once they were asleep, Melanie and I went down to the beach with her nephew while the guys stayed up with the kids. We only stayed down there for an hour then the guys went down for the next hour. After the kids woke up we got ready for dinner. We ate our dinner, then went down to the pool for a little bit. We probably swam for about an hour or so before going back up to the condo to get ready to go see the fireworks. You couldn't see the fireworks from where we were staying so we had to walk a few miles down the road to see them. We got onto the beach as soon as they were starting. Of course Ashton did not want to see the fireworks so he stayed in the wagon laying down the whole time while the girls watched the fireworks with us. Once the fireworks were done, we walked back to the condo and changed the kids into their sleepers and headed back home. It was a very peaceful Forth of July!

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