Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Thursday, July 31, 2014

We are 4!!

Since we did a kid's birthday party Saturday night at War Memorial Stadium, we did the family party on Sunday at my parents house. It was a relaxing day with family. The kids opened their presents, ate some cake and ice cream and played with toys. 

Tuesday was our Birthday. Daddy came home early from work and we got to open our last birthday presents from mommy and daddy. We got Razor Scooters with knee and elbow pads. After we rode around on them for about an hour, we went out to dinner. The only place they wanted to go was Chick Fil A, so we took them to the mall! We ate Chick Fil A then walked around the mall for a little bit. We went to Dick's and Ashton used some of his birthday money to buy Tee-Ball stuff. He got a bat, helmet, balls and a Tee-Ball stand. Since we have been going to the Peninsula Pilot games a lot, he has been wanting to play baseball. So now he is all set and we will be signing him up for tee-ball this fall or spring. Before we left, we let them play in the play area and burn off the rest of the energy they had! 

Thank you to everyone that made their birthday special! 

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