Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Caitlyn's Eye Surgery

At the beginning of May, Caitlyn had eye surgery to fix the muscles in both eyes. Her eyes would go off to the sides or up whenever she would look a certain way. We have been fighting with this for a while now and decided since it wasn't getting better, we just needed to do the surgery. The thought of any surgery is scary, but surgery on the eyes was very nerve racking to us because with one little slip something bad could happen.

We went in May 7th at 7:30am to the CHKD Surgery Center in Newport News. She was all happy at first, but when we got to the room to change into her scrubs, she wanted to leave! The nurse gave her stickers to put on her hospital band and ours as well. We finally got her changed and they let her play in the play room until the Dr. Chamblee came to talk to us. They usually let the patients ride a Power Wheel back to the OR, but since Caitlyn didn't even want to get he scrubs on, we did a sedation before she got back there. Once the sedation kicked in, she was hilarious! Few minutes later, she got wheeled back and we had to go in the waiting room. The DR told us before that it would be a 2 hour procedure. About an hour and  half later Dr. Chamblee came out and told us everything went great and she was in the recovery room and we could see her shortly. About an hour later, she was still sleeping and we aren't allowed to go back their if the child isn't awake yet. Finally she started to wake up and we were able to go back and see her. She was still very sleepy, but we were able to wake her up enough to give her some water and get her dressed.

Once we left, she ended up getting sick in the car, but the Dr told us that would be normal for anyone that had been put under. She got home and took a nap. We had to keep wiping her eyes very carefully to get all the blood tears out.

The next day she was able to open her eyes again. I ended up sleeping with her the first few nights to make sure she didn't rub her eyes and reopen the incision. She did really good. She missed a few days of school and her classmates and teachers missed her dearly. They sent a little something for Caitlyn home with Ashton.

Her eyes are now fully healed and the surgery was successful! We had our 6 week check up and everything was great! The Dr.  was extremely happy with the outcome of the surgery.

This was Caitlyn's second surgery. In November 2010, she had hernia surgery. The picture below is a picture of her from her first surgery & this surgery.

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