Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The kids had their last tee-ball game on Halloween. After tee-ball, we spent the weekend at the campground. The campground was almost full so there was tons of campers there to pass out candy. I took the kids around the campground, while Kevin took part of his cousin's Haunted Walk through at their campsite. After trick or treating was over, the campground had a lighted golf cart parade, which we entered. After the parade was over, they did awards. We won 3rd place! When we went on the parade, we saw a haunted walk through that we wanted to go to. Ashton said he wanted to go to, but the girls didn't. So the girls stayed back with Kevin's parents and we took Ashton to it. He did pretty good until the very end. The last guy scared him. I was very proud of him! 

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