Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pilots Baseball Games and TeeBall

Over the summer we attended a lot of Pilots baseball games. After the games were over, the kids would always go over to the walkway and slap hands with the players. The players would always make time for the kids and the kids loved it. Our last home game that we attended, the kids got most of the players autographs and took pictures with their favorite players. Ashton & Caitlyn's favorite player was Connor Myers #9 that plays at ODU and Brittany's was Nick Lustrino #22 that plays at ODU. They each got their pictures with them and can't wait to go see them play again.

All of the kids decided to play TeeBall this year. When we got the jerseys, they each wanted a certain number. Of course Ashton wanted #7 because of Cole Cromer who played on the team last year. Brittany wanted #22, but since they didn't have that number, she got #2 instead. Caitlyn got #9! I sent the picture of the kids in their jerseys to the guys that had the numbers. They all loved it! I'm so glad that the players care about the kids and go out of their way to make the kids smile!

Brittany & Nick

Ashton & Nick

Caitlyn & Nick

Brittany waiting to get Autographs

Brittany & Connor

Caitlyn & Connor

Ashton & Connor

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