Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Snow days

We got our first snow fall of the year. 7 days into the new year! It started snowing Friday evening and didn't stop until Saturday evening. We got about 10-12" of snow! Schools are already closed for Monday and Tuesday due to the side roads not being passable yet and the temperatures are not suppose to get above freezing in the next few days. It was very windy today, but after lunch we took the kids and Shea out to play. Shea wasn't too sure about the snow at first, but she had a great time running and jumping around in the snow.

We only lasted about an hour outside because it was so cold and windy. It made it hard to keep our eyes open at some points. So we came in and make snow cream and hot chocolate!

Monday was a little bit warmer (not too much, only abut 23 degrees) but we were able to go outside and play in the snow again!

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