Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Florida Vacation

Taking three 2 year olds to Disney for a week... crazy right?! Yeah, that's what we thought too!! We left Friday August 3rd to head to Florida. We made a pit stop in Savannah, GA for the night. One the way to Savannah, we took a little detour to Darlington Raceway since it was on the way and Kevin and I have never been there before. We were able to walk up outside of turn 3 & 4, so we took a few pictures. We headed out to Florida Saturday morning around 8:30. We stopped at the Florida welcome center to take a few pictures with the Welcome to Florida sign. Since Daytona was on the way to Orlando, we stopped there to have lunch and see the track. Daytona has a Richard Petty Experience where you can either ride along or drive a race car. There were a few people doing that the day we were there so the kids were able to see and hear the race cars go around the track. There were only 2 cars so it wasn't very loud, but the kids seemed to enjoy it!

After visiting Daytona, we headed to the resort! We got there about 4pm. After we unpacked everything and went to the store, we all headed to the pool to relax! Sunday we relaxed! We went down to the pool and lazy river after lunch. It started to rain a little bit, but it felt good because it was so hot outside! The kids loved swimming in the pool! Oh, I forgot to mention how the kids did in the car those 2 days.... any crying or screaming? Nope!! They watched movies pretty much the entire car ride which the enjoyed! 

On Monday, we took the kids to Gatorland!!! The next few posts will be about each day that we spent at Gatorland, Magic Kingdom, Kennedy Space Center and Animal Kingdom!! 

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