Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Magic Kingdom

Tuesday we went to Magic Kingdom. I think I was more excited to go than anyone else! We wanted to get there when the park opened, which seemed like everyone else's decision too! Once we got there, we got in line to see Snow White, but it was a 30 minute wait, so we decided to wait and go around the park first. We walked into a few shops at the front of the park and watched a little show on Main Street. We took a few pictures in front of Cinderella's castle then off to see the park! While we were walking around, we saw Princess Tiana and she only had a few people in line, so we got in line for the kids to meet her.

After meeting the Princess, we took the kids on a ride. Caitlyn wasn't very happy to get on the ride, but once it started going, she loved it. Then we went on a Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride that was all indoors. Ashton started to fall asleep on my lap during the ride and the girls loved seeing all of the different scenes. After the ride, we ate lunch. We packed a lunch for everyone because it was cheaper than buying lunch and dinner at the park. After lunch, the babies fell asleep and we rode Splash Mountain and a roller coaster. When we got done, the kids started to wake up, so we took them to see the Country Bear's show. Caitlyn loved seeing the show! Every time a curtain opened up, she would point and say "Ooohh!!"

Our next ride was "It's a Small World" boat ride. This boat ride was completely opposite from the Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. It was so bright and musical. Again, Caitlyn loved it. There was one part where there were hula girls dancing and I looked over and Caitlyn was copying them! All I could do was laugh, it was so cute.

Once we got off the ride, it was time to make our way to the Castle to see the 3pm parade. We were lucky enough to find a little space that we could get the double stroller to the front so the girls could see the parade. Kevin had Ashton on his shoulders so he could see. When the characters would come by and put their hands out to the girls, the girls would give them a high five! After the parade was over, we went to ride the Peter Pan ride. We tried to ride as much as we could with the babies. One thing I liked about Magic Kingdom was that there was so much for the kids to do. We did a few more things, then ate dinner. After dinner, there was a show at the Castle that we watched before the 9pm parade. We saved our space for the parade, and some of us went on a train ride around the park while Kevin's mom stayed and made sure no one took our space.

The 9pm parade was a lighted parade. Of course, Ashton fell asleep during the parade. We tried to wake him up but he ended up falling back asleep in Kevin's arms. So we just let him sleep through the parade. After the parade was the fireworks! The fireworks didn't even wake up Ashton and they were pretty loud!! The show was amazing.

Once the fireworks were done, we worked our way back up to the main entrance to head home. When we got up there, we noticed that Mickey was still available for pictures. The kids had to get a picture with him before we left! It was finally our turn and the kids were so excited!! After pictures with Mickey and Minnie, there was still a little time left to see the Disney Princesses. They did a lot better with the princesses, but I think it's because they were actual people and not characters


First was Sleeping Beauty. Ashton sat on her lap and the girls were next to her. Kevin and I had to get in the picture just so they would be a calmer (since it was past 11pm!). Then they saw Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Again, Ashton sat on her lap and even gave her a hug. Last was Cinderella. Ashton really didn't want anything to do with her, he wanted to go back to Belle. The girls sat down next to Cinderella and got a picture. Finally it was time to go home.

After almost 14 plus hours in the park it was a very successful trip. We didn't think the kids would do very well, but they did amazingly wonderful!! We only had one episode of a toddler meltdown with Brittany. But she just wanted to walk on her own with no one holding her hand... it's a little too busy to do that though, so she had to get over it quick!

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