Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Thursday, July 30, 2015

5th Birthday

Wow. I can't believe the kids are already 5. I feel like we were just spending our days and nights at the Special Care Nursery at Norfolk General! Time really does fly! The kids had a great birthday!

We had their birthday party at Kevin's parents house on Sunday July 26th. This was the first birthday that they had friends from school at! We had lawn games and bubbles set up for the kids to play. Since the kids all signed up for TeeBall this fall, they wanted a Baseball theme birthday cake. Ashton picked it out and designed it since the girls didn't want to. After cake, we did Sno Cones since it was so warm outside, it was a nice cool down for everyone. After cake and Sno Cones, we opened up Birthday presents! They got a lot of cool stuff to play with. The kids have been wanting a dog, but we aren't ready for one yet. We got an aquarium from a friend a while ago because we were going to do a fish tank, but we never got around to doing it. So we decided that we were going to get the kids Gerbils! Once we get back from our week long camping trip, we are going to go get them and let the kids each name their own! After all of the guests left, we got the Power Wheels out and let the kids drive around the yard. They had a great birthday party!

July 29th! We are 5!!!!! I took the kids for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts in the morning. I took some 5 year Birthday pictures outside. The rest of the day we played around the house. We had plans to go to the Peninsula Pilots game and the kids were getting to run out on the field with the players and be the Play Ball Boy and Girls. Well, a few hours before we were to leave, Caitlyn and Ashton were running around the house, Caitlyn fell and hit her head. She hit it hard enough that she had to go to the doctors and get 5 stitches. Daddy took her and I took Brittany and Ashton to the game. Ashton got to play catch with Connor Myers before the game and ran out with him when the starting lineup was introduced. Brittany got to run out with Nick Lustrino. Once the National Anthem was done, they came back to homeplate area and said "Play Ball". Caitlyn got done with the doctors and got to the field right after the top half of the 1st inning so she missed running on the field with them. She was upset, but she learned a lesson to not run in the house anymore. She did get to participate in the Mascot race though! The kids did have a fun night and birthday, even though the Pilots lost.

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