Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First Day of Kindergarten

The kids started their first day of Kindergarten and I started my first day as a Kindergarten IA! This year we decided to put the kids on the bus the first day instead of taking them to school. They did great since they were already use to riding the bus. We have them in three separate classes again. They knew so many kids in their class which was great because Brittany was scared to go to school because she didn't think she was going to know anyone.

They have been in school for almost 2 weeks and they are doing great! We just had back to school night and we got to go into the classrooms and see what they have been doing so far and meet with the teachers again. The kids love their teachers this year and enjoy going to school (I hope that stays the same).

I got a job with Hampton City Schools as an IA for Kindergarten. So far its been great! I enjoy working with the kids. I do not work at the kids school, but it something came open there, I would love to move over to the school. The school I work at worked with my schedule so I come in after the kids get on the bus and get home before they get off the bus so I didn't need to find a babysitter or do an afterschool program.

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