Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

18 Months... Getting into EVERYTHING!!

Wow... 18 months old already!! Where as the time gone?! We just had their 18 month check up at the doctors office and everything went very well. She had no concerns with anything. They are saying words and doing everything that an 18 month old should be. (This was a big change from their 15 month appointment when she felt they were developmentally behind)! Brittany was weighing in at 22lbs, Ashton was 21lbs and Caitlyn was 20lbs. They feel so much heavier than that! We didn't have to get any shots because they were already up to date.

In the past month, we had our first illnesses. Going 17 months without being sick is amazing! Especially since they were preemies! It first started off in the beginning of January. Kevin had an upper respiratory infection and I had a sinus infection. The babies each had a stuffy nose and a fever. Then a few weeks after that, we got that nasty stomach bug. Luckily it was on the weekend and we all got it at the same time. Trying to take care of sick babies while you are sick is hard. But we did it!

Right now, the babies are getting into anything and everything they can! Climbing on the couch, picnic table and the toys in the playroom. I know it's all about being a kid and they are exploring everything, but I'm scared they are going to fall and hurt themselves.

The babies are starting to say more words. New words they learned this month are: more, milk, yellow, orange, night night.

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