Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Love for Elmo

The babies LOVE Elmo!! We have a little routine in the morning of watching cartoons. We usually watch Strawberry Shortcake from 9:00 to 10:00 then The Adventures of Chuck and Friends until 10:30, then we turn on Sesame Street until 11:00. Around 10:45am, Elmo's World comes on. Now, don't think the babies sit and watch TV for 2 straight hours! They TV is on those shows, but half the time they are in the playroom playing with their toys. They will come in the room with the beginning of Chuck and Friends comes on because they like the opening song, then they will go back into the playroom and play. When I turned it to Sesame Street, they don't notice until Elmo's World comes on. Want to see how they act when it comes on? Take a look at the video... (Sorry about the rotation, I don't know how to rotate it!)

As you can see, the girls love to dance! After the theme song to Elmo's World is over, they usually go back into their playroom again. They seem to only like the music parts to shows!

We have about 5 Elmo stuffed animals and they still fight over them! If you ask them to go get you Elmo, they will go and find the larger Elmo (which is about the size of them)! Here are a few pictures of them with the 3 different Elmo's that we have.

Caitlyn with the small Elmo

Brittany with the medium Elmo (Tickle Me Elmo)

Ashton with the large Elmo

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