Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art Work

A few months ago, I bought the babies a floor coloring pad and big crayons so they can start coloring. It is very difficult to sit on the floor with all 3 of them and try to color. One will run around with crayons in the hands, one will actually sit down to try to color and one will sit on the paper! Can you guess who does what?! Ashton sits on the paper, Caitlyn runs around with the crayons in her hand and Brittany will sit down to color!

This morning after breakfast, I decided to get 3 sheets of paper and while they were still at the table, let them color. It was still hard because when they went to doodle, the paper would move around. I helped them each and held the paper as they doodled. Here is their artwork!

Caitlyn's art work

Brittany's art work

Ashton's art work

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