Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Growing up

The past few days the babies have been growing up so fast. I went outside to put the diaper bag in the car and when I came back inside, the babies were in the kitchen! We have a playard gate around the living room so they cannot get out of the living room. I was puzzled on how they got into the kitchen because the playard was not moved and the couch cushions didn't look they have been touched. Well today I saw just exactly how they were getting over on the other side.

(Sorry, I could not figure out how to rotate the video)

Ashton is the shortest so it takes him a little longer to get up onto the couch than it does the girls. He was so excited to get over to the other side! Usually when he gets over to the other side, he goes into the kitchen. I was surprised to see where he ended up! I have been working with them with potty training, but it's just them sitting on the potty not doing anything.

Since they have been escaping and getting over to the other side of the gate, we did a little rearranging tonight. We moved the gates around so they could get behind the couch, but put a gate up so they couldn't get into the kitchen. We left the gate up into our bedroom and the bathroom, but took down the gate that led to their bedroom because Brittany decided to climb over that gate. She did this very gracefully, just like Ashton climbed over the couch. When we were cleaning the babies room up, Ashton decided to climb over the gate that went into the bathroom. He didn't do this very gracefully! We heard a thump, then a scream! He landed right on his forward, so now he has a nice bruise and bump! I guess that's all about being a boy! Im sure the gate going into the bathroom will be taken down soon and we will just have to keep the door shut.

Now the babies have full access to their room, I wondered how long it would take them to get into the dresser drawers. It took them a good hour at least to get into it. I don't think they would have even gotten into the dresser if I didn't have to get their clothes out to spend the night at my parents house. After I got their clothes out, they figured out the drawers open! They would open the drawers and take the clothes out and throw them on the floor. I came back into the room 5 minutes later and the clothes weren't on the floor anymore. They put the clothes back in the dresser. I would see a arm of a shirt hanging out of drawer and a pair of pants hanging out of another. I was very surprised that they did that! Of course they weren't in the same drawer as they were originally, but hey, they were back in the dresser!

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