Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busch Gardens

Yesterday was the last day of spring break, so we went to Busch Gardens with Kevin's family. Kevin and Paul were coming up there after they got off of work so Kevin's parent, Allie, Karen, myself and the babies went up there right after lunch. I wanted to wait until Kevin got there before I took the babies to the Sesame Street area and put them on any rides. The girls of course fell asleep right before Kevin got there, but they didn't stay asleep long. We took them to the Sesame Street area and they got to see Zoe and Elmo. They got to take a picture with Elmo too! They knew exactly who he was. I don't think they were too sure about him though.  There weren't any rides that they could ride in the Sesame Street area, so we took them to Italy and they got to ride the Little Gliders. Caitlyn rode with me, Brittany rode with Allison and Ashton rode with Kevin. Caitlyn hated the ride from the first time she sat down. She screamed the whole time! Ashton cried only when he got on and liked it when it started moving. I don't think Brittany wanted to get off! Next time we go, hopefully Caitlyn will like it a little more, but it was their first time ever getting on a ride. 

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