Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ashley's Wedding

Last weekend my sister got married. With the babies being 20 months old, I really did not want to bring them to the wedding because I know how they act when they have to sit still and be quite for a longer period of time. She really wanted them there for the family pictures after the ceremony since they are part of the family. Since I was in the wedding and Kevin was an Usher, Kevin's sister, brother in law and niece helped out with the babies during the ceremony. They surprisingly did very well. I only heard a few noises from them and they were just talking, not fussing. One of them saw a dog outside and decided to say "dog", but when they made any noises, they were quick to walk out the door and not have any interruptions. Ashton was dressed up just like all of the guys in the wedding party and Kevin, including his little Vans shoes. The girls had light blue dresses. After the ceremony, Kevin took the babies and Allie back to the hotel so she could watch them during the reception so we could have fun and not have to run around chasing down 3 babies! We are so grateful for our families!! Here are a few pictures from the wedding.

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