Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Toddler Beds - Night 1

Last night we decided to convert the babies cribs into the toddler beds. We were debating on when was the best time to do this. People have said that when your hear a thump, it's time. Well, we didn't want them to fall out of their crib and hurt themselves. So when they started to climb up the crib rails, we thought it was best to do it now.

We had to rearrange the room to make everything fit. The room is now back to the same layout as it was when we first brought the babies home from the hospital. My parents got the babes the foam letter and numbers mat so we put that down thinking that if they fell out of bed at night, hitting mat rather than the hardwood floors would be a little softer.

At their bed time, we laid them all down in their beds. It didn't last very long until they were up and playing around the room. Between getting into the dresser drawers and taking the mat completely apart, it didn't look like there was going to be any sleeping insight. About 10:00pm, Kevin and I went to our room so we could open up the babies bedroom door. We can't have their door open because it looks directly out into the living room and they can see us. So after about 30 minutes of crying it got really quiet. I peeked my head around the corner and Ashton was asleep in Caitlyn's bed, Brittany was asleep in her bed and Caitlyn was asleep in Ashton's bed. Caitlyn looked like she was going to fall out of bed, so I moved her a little bit and she went back to sleep.

Around 12:30am, Brittany woke up crying. When I went to get Brittany, Caitlyn was sleeping with her blanket on the floor right next to the door. I picked her up and put her back in bed and I took Brittany out into the living room for a little bit. Brittany woke up crying because she had a stomach ache. I gave her some gas drops and she went right back to sleep for the night. That was the only time any of them got up!!

I hope night 2 goes just like last night!!

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