Family Baseball Time

Family Baseball Time

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Easter was spent with both sides of the family! We started off with breakfast the Moose with my parents, sister and brother. The babies ate scrambled eggs, bacon, waffles and sausage with some Orange Juice. After they got done eating, we took them to see the Easter Bunny. They weren't too fond of him. After seeing the Easter Bunny, we went outside to see the fire trucks! We were able to go inside them and even sit in the driver's seat! Ashton loved every minute of it!! Around 10:30, they did an Easter Egg Hunt. I wasn't too sure how the babies were going to do with the whole concept, but they did surprisingly well!! They each found a few eggs and had a blast with it.

After breakfast, we went to Kevin's parents house for a late lunch. We had country ham, regular ham, green beans, mac and cheese and yeast rolls. Then of course we had some dessert! After dessert, we did another egg hunt for the babies and let them run around the backyard. They loved running around and playing!! I think it wore them out because they slept like babies that night!!!

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